A look into the future of personal computing devices

“Your next computer is not a computer” – Apple.

Apple Inc, one of the major players in personal computing devices released an ad placing Apple iPad as an alternative to personal computer. In fact the advertisement was so strong that Apple clearly conveyed the point that an iPad can do as many things as a personal computer do now.


When Apple was positioning iPad as an alternative to a personal computing device, one of the major concerns was its ability to do high performance activities.

Well, there’s two aspects to consider: One, Apple is not trying to replace computers per se, but they’re trying to replace personal computers. Two, the iPad can literally do 90% of things that a personal computer can do.

In fact, the tablet can do it better. But why just iPad, why are there no other brands in the game yet? The answer is very simple: the Apple ecosystem.

Apple Ecosystem

An average computer user looking to shift from a laptop to a personal computer will always compare every single thing that he does on the laptop with what he can do on the tablet.

Apple mostly covers it all: presentations, video calls, document management, creating business proposals, editing video, images, connecting to camera, watching movies and games and it goes on and on and on.

It gets even better with an easy to plug in keyboard that comes with touchpad. Besides this, the Apple Pencil has given absolute power to artists which is one of the major reason why artists are running behind the latest iPad.

Finally, the power of Apple’s ecosystem is well known: the easy connectivity with Mac, AirPods, iPhone, Apple TV etc makes your work even smoother and comfortable. The latest iPad OS update has a feature that can move your mouse from iPad to your Mac just like that without any setup.


The pricing of Apple products has always made Apple a premium brand, but Apple has always showed its low pricing games on iPad in the name of education. Today, you can get an iPad for as low as $549 which is kinda way too low for a personal computing device with such performance and abilities.

But on the other side, if you go for an iPad Pro, the magic keyboard itself will cost you around $299 and that’s the choice Apple provides.

On a bottom line note, Apple is consistently promoting iPad as a new way of personal computing device which was accepted in a pretty decent way around countries like USA and UK.

Although the data in the long run will tell us how its going to be in the future.