Amazon Alexa is becoming more personalised and powerful

Amazon Alexa team is really working hard on improving Alexa from all kinds of angles. The company is making Alexa more intelligent with interesting features that makes a lot of sense to intense Alexa users. Imagine, getting a coffee smell right after you wake up with an alarm.

When Alexa is behind the alarm, it can really predict whether you’re awake or not, hence the communication between the coffee machine is triggered to brew your cup of coffee. In fact, Alexa can also read the best-personalized news from your interests right after the alarm goes on.

Routines are always a part of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but Alexa has implemented a new option to opt for sunrise and sunset routine rather than going for time r0utines. The giant is also planning to push several minor commands and actions to Alexa which could potentially help millions of Alexa users around the world.