Amazon Go stores might soon hit US Airports

Possibly within a few months time, travelers coming to US airports will have to witness the headline maker Amazon Go stores. Amazon is discussing the opportunities with US airport authorities to open Amazon Go stores inside the airports.

Amazon is looking forward to investing and compete with the existing airport stores with their pricing styles and most importantly the technology. Almost a good majority of the travelers will at least go inside and see what’s the specialty of the Amazon go stores.

Amazon Go

These stores are indeed special. They work with a totally different concept powered by artificial intelligence and a bunch of other algorithms. If you don’t know about the Amazon Go stores, it’s time to understand their brilliant concept.

Imagine going inside a grocery store and coming out just like that with a shopping bag. Amazon Go is just another free application from the application store which works are the core of Amazon Go stores. When you open the app and leave it aside, the app starts tracking your movement.

Once you go inside the Amazon Go store and pick something you want, the app will automatically track the product you picked and puts that into a virtual basket online connected to your Amazon account.

As soon as you’re done with your purchase, you can just walk away without billing (there is no cashier at all) without paying anything in the store. The app will automatically check out the products you picked and then charge automatically. Picked something and returned it back to its place? cool, the app will track that too.

Amazon is trying to open as much as stores as they possibly can, now they’ve decided to attract the travelers at the airport, soon they’ll flourish. Hope the travelers won’t miss the flight.

Source : Reuters

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