Amazon key is all it takes to open your garage door

Amazon key might go public in 2019 (no, you cannot buy shares). It’s all about a service that lets your amazon package delivery guy open your garage door or front door without an actual KEY!

Yes, they don’t need a key and you don’t need to worry (sometimes).

Amazon Key

Amazon key is partnering with MyQ to let delivery drivers unlock your MyQ connected garages or front doors with your Amazon package. The delivery guy can scan your package, provided that the location and the package is matching, the doors will automatically open up for him/her.

It sounds cool and scary at the same time. But, wait it’s like an old toy. Once the scanning is approved, the doors will open and the package will be dropped inside. As soon as the package goes inside, the doors will get closed automatically even before he leaves.

It will only work with MyQ branded connectivities and provides features like tracking the driver’s location, package drop status and even a live video to see the art of stealing with bravery (just kidding).

It will be tested in 37 cities to make sure it works fine. A single bug could make you go nuts, and we could see Amazon taking some serious level of risk here.