App-connected Digital inhaler to get FDA approval

FDA is getting into all kinds of app businesses, but the result looks promising. Just like the old school accreditations and certifications provided by government authorized agencies or government department itself, FDA is now giving certifications to apps that come with health management.

Recently, FDA approved the Apple Watch Heart ECG feature which comes with an inbuilt ECG analysis feature. The ECG feature is now being experienced by Americans with utmost trust in Apple’s sensors.


Recently, FDA approved a new app-connected digital inhaler with sensors that could help you inhale on time with the help of an application. The company ProAir Digihaler comes with a brilliant inhaler.

The device sensors can track the movements and measure the strength of inhalation and the data is being sent to the application which is connected with the digihaler device to keep track of the user’s inhalation data.

Users can keep track of their inhalation and take the medicine on time, in fact, they can share the data with the doctor so that it will become easier for the doctor to predict the status of your health.

The launch of the product is planned by 2020, after the proper testing held in 2019 with various patients. The testing phase is very important to such a product which now has the burden to keep the FDA standards going.

Hopefully, within 5 years, more apps and health devices could show up with FDA approval so that users can trust the product without thinking about privacy issues (just kidding, facebook).

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