Apple Card is as minimal as you could ever imagine

Imagine a credit card which has no information printed on it other than your name and the provider. There is no card number, CVV code, signature, expiry date or even colors. The card is as minimal as a piece of paper crafted in titanium with an Apple logo accompanied by a MasterCard logo.

You can use the card for spending and you get 2% to 3% daily cash on your spends every day credited directly to your credit card (no, not reward points). In fact, if you’re in trouble you can message to the customer care team via your smartphone using the messages application.

You can see how much you spent, how much you received as daily cash and where you spent on the map. Your spending data, purchase location and the amount won’t be shared or sold to advertisers.

This is nothing but a credit card dream, imagining such a credit card as minimal as this is something that could trigger all kinds of emotions. Yes, make sure you meet the Apple Card which is a wow product launched by Apple yesterday with the help of Goldman Sachs and MasterCard. You get to enjoy all kinds of features mentioned above and customer support via the iMessage application. You can manage the card with the help of your Apple wallet app.

God! Breathing time. Oh wait, the details like card number is visible on the Wallet App but it shows different numbers on different devices to ensure security (unbelievable).