Apple did respond to iPad Pro bending issues

The iPhone 6 bending controversy has already initiated a bending test on all Apple devices from the users and professional product reviewers side. Every time a new Apple product hits the market, YouTubers pay the price and buy the device to see if it’s bending (unless it’s an airpods)

The engineering team at Apple definitely got this problem in their brains, but we never expected such a landing very soon (not the SpaceX one). The new powerful and expensive iPad Pro has bending issues, not when users go for a ride with it, but as soon as they open it from the box.

Bend Gate

Nop, the bend wasn’t that big, but indeed it’s going to irritate all the customers who spend thousands of dollars buying this expensive tablet. The interesting fact is that Apple, the company itself acknowledged the fact that they are shipping few of them with a bend (weird, so weird).

Reports from 9to5mac (official response from Apple) stated that the company is not ready to replace the product due to the bending issue (sad news for customers).

According to Riccio, the new iPad Pro has a flatness specification of up to “400 microns” and is “tighter than previous generations,” — Dan Riccio, Senior VP of Hardware Engineering at Apple, Inc.


The senior VP of hardware engineering at Apple, Inc is very educated and he has all that technical knowledge to throw words that don’t make any sense to the customers including the “Chocolate maker” and “Creative designer”.

400 microns won’t sell within the people. If there is a bend in the device, it’s a defect and the company is responsible to replace the product. Possibly Apple will come up with a solution to this rather than saying “400 microns and a bend, but it still works”.

Steve Jobs rolling in the grave. That’s how it ends.

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