Apple has a new video ad to showcase “Privacy on iPhone”

Apple just pushed a video into their YouTube channel with a title “Privacy on iPhone – Private Side” which is nothing but an ad that conveys the message that Apple takes care of your privacy a lot. Essentially it’s one of the most important things that every citizen is worried about because of two major companies popularly known as Google and Facebook.

Interestingly, the ad doesn’t tell anything technical or specifically about privacy at Apple, instead, it showcases a bunch of locks and locking clips that strung together to convey the idea of privacy. The company’s YouTube channel might have a new manager at the job because the short 15-20 seconds video about the topic “That’s iPhone” looks so good.

It’s very easy to understand few interesting features by watching a 15-second video which is half the time of a story on your WhatsApp. Maybe it’s time to solve your grand parent’s iPhone problems. Jokes apart, Apple is really into privacy protection while all other tech giants are sneaking behind your sneakers (or maybe that’s the reason why they charge too much?).


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