dark mode

Apple introduced “Dark mode” in iOS 13 at WWDC 2019

WWDC 2019 was a jaw-dropping keynote by Apple, releasing interesting new features and breakthrough technologies. The company has come up with a bulk load on features on iPhone, iPad (with the new iPad OS), MacOS and most importantly the TV OS. It doesn’t really matter whether Apple releases a single feature or a bundle of them, they don’t get respect unless and until they release the dark mode feature.

Android users might grin right now, but it’s never too late to be true. They released the dark mode in MacOS with Mojave, but thankfully they introduced dark mode in iOS 13 at WWDC 2019. Millions of iPhone users were waiting eagerly for the arrival of a dark mode on iOS which just happened.

Apart from the dark mode, Apple has also launched a bunch of other features like advanced cycling tracker for watch, streaming API, the app store on the watch and an uber cool Mac that’s fully customizable. Fans can’t thank you enough, Apple. It’s better late than never!