Apple just hired the Samsung Battery Specialist

Apple recently took a very important decision which gives a lot of positive vibes to Apple fans. The battery backup of iPhone cannot be even compared to the competitors like Samsung or OnePlusone. Customers are really worried about the iPhone’s battery performance and maybe there is something really interesting which is about to come.

Samsung SDI Co, from its parent company Samsung Electronics Co, had a CEO Soonho Ahn who is now the Head of Battery Development at Apple Inc There is no clarity about the upcoming Apple devices or battery backup improvements, but it’s pretty sure that Apple has found out their most important problem and is now at work to fix it up.


iPhone is an expensive gadget, but battery backup is something that every one of the Apple customers wants from iPhone devices. The fact that MacBooks has an insane battery with its slim design claims that Apple has enough engineers to develop the best battery on the planet.

Hopefully, the new Samsung battery specialist working with the Apple team would implement the power charging techniques and a better battery backup which makes the iPhone a fully practical device. His entry also has the potential to tear off the customer’s nickname “Wall Huggers”

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