Apple may release the new AirPods in 2019

AirPods received the worst impressions from people around the world including the Apple fans. They had thoughts like “It’s poor design, it’s super expensive (it definitely is) and it slips out of the ears very easily”. Well, all these impressions came out even before seeing the actual product, but once the real piece came out to the market, the story changed.


AirPods is one of the most beautifully engineered product from Apple’s team. From the design to the technology stuffed inside this tiny piece of the headset which looks quite similar to “Earpods without wire” was unimaginable.

It’s brilliant features like tap control, battery backup, the cute little case for instant battery charging and the power charging facility. Notably, when iPhone X was launched, Apple was boasting a lot about their AirPower wireless charger which is still waiting to be launched. The image they put out on the keynote presentation displayed an airpower mat with an iPhone X, Apple watch and the AirPods, so yea!

You could expect the new AirPods by early or mid-2019 and an even better version by 2020. According to the references from AppleInsider, the new AirPod might have the Bluetooth 5.0 version and it could even display a new W-Series Chip.

Design changes are also expected from Apple, but there are limitations in changing the design, so we cannot expect a massive change in the design. Water resistant AirPods and a heat-resistant hinge may come along with the new AirPods.Confusingly, clues from Ming-Chi Kuo makes it more interesting to wait for the 2019 early upgrade and the late 2020 upgrade (that’s strange).


As a technology innovation company, Apple is consistently upgrading and sometimes innovating new products. Recently we all heard a lot about Apple’s patents, so expecting something interesting from Apple definitely makes sense.AirPods is accepted by millions of people around the world, even though it’s expensive. The value it gives back is definitely worth it, there is no other product which could meet up to that standard and usability as of now.

Obviously, there will be masses waiting for the upgrade.

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