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Apple Streaming Video Service to Hit the market by March 25th

Apple has started sending official invites for media networks to cover the upcoming event which will happen on March 25th. There were rumors already about the date of the event and the video streaming services that which Apple is about to launch.

Apple fanatics are really waiting for an interesting platform that could potentially attack Netflix and other video streaming services. In fact, the launch of Apple Music (not iTunes), has affected the business of Spotify and other top music platforms as well.

Apple currently has a market share of 19% in the music streaming industry compared to Spotify which has a 36% market share. Netflix has a market share of 51% in the video streaming industry which definitely keeps Apple curious to give it a try.

The brand is really looking for a scoop in the market share and they’ll definitely achieve it without a second thought. The question is whether or not they are planning to launch the video streaming services on this upcoming event (just kidding, because it’s a rumor).

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