Apple To Fully Redesign Apple Maps

When coming to maps, Google provides the best application. Google Maps has always been the better option to Apple Maps when considering the services it provides. On the other hand, Apple Maps made a very bad and poor first impression but has grown to a decent degree in the past few years. But now, Apple has decided to rebuild Apple Maps, from the ground.

So, how is Apple actually planning on doing that? Apple is not turning to any third party services this time and is going to use their own resources. Apple is gathering the first-party data from iPhone with a privacy-first methodology. Apple is also going the Google way and is releasing its own fleet of cars with sensors and cameras.

This will result in the launch of Apple Maps in San Francisco and the Bay Area with the next iOS update namely, iOS 12 beta, and will also be covering Northern California by fall. The service is expected to be improved by every update, and the map would be getting more features like changes in roadways and construction.


The maps would also be more detailed, and would also include features like ground cover, foliage, pools, pedestrian pathways and much more. Apple is making sure that it is not relying on third-party apps and data to provide the basis for its maps. Though that has been a huge pitfall for Apple Maps from the beginning, Apple is making sure that this won’t be a problem henceforth.

The company also states that a lot of investment has been made to make Maps the way it is. A lot of locations have been added to the map, and a lot of time has also been spent in making things right. The company has also made clear that in process of bettering the application, the founding features and services would not be removed, but only altered.

The reason Apple is taking such a move regarding maps is due to how mobiles operate today. These days mobiles regarding a person’s location to give out the best experience, and they also need mapping as it is used from photos to directions. Hence, lending out this service to be done by some other company would be disastrous for the company.

And hence mapping is sought for, Apple is overhauling the entire Maps experience in the hope that this would be a utility that would be used by apps for location services and other functions. Another reason that has pushed Apple to make such a decision is the sheer number of people who are using iOS. Over a billion.


The new Apple Maps now has an assurance that the map would regularly be updated and changes would be made constantly. This, in turn, would make it easier for users to access newer roads, and to avoid those which are blocked and thus make their commute and travel easier.

And to again improve working on this solution, Apple is generating its own maps, and Apple would then be using that as the foundation for the updates and changes that would be made. Apple is also working on living location data, high-resolution satellite imagery and also a new high-resolution image data that is gathered from the ground cars too.

The new Apple Maps cars have a ton of features that make the apps more accurate than ever. High-resolution images are captured, and so one can wonder if Apple would also be attempting at a street view, or replicating a Google Earth, but in a more Apple way.

Apple is now constantly been working on bettering many of its core services, and this move towards improving the Maps application is now seen as a step in that direction. We can’t wait to see what Apple would make of this application, and how it would fare in the market among all the other map applications out there, and especially Google Maps.