Apple to pay bug bounty to the teenager for finding Facetime bug

Recently a small video went viral reporting apple’s one of the worst bugs in Facetime group call which let’s listen in on someone even before they answered the call.

Thompson, a 14-year-old high school student from Tucson, Arizona, discovered the flaw while he was trying a group call his friends to play fortnite. His mother tried to contact Apple to report the bug which was found out by her son, but Apple did not look back into their emails.

A few weeks later, the issue became viral on social media and Apple found out and fixed the bug officially in iOS 12.1.4. Apple has contacted the teenager and offered his educational support which definitely comes with a good amount of money in terms of “bug bounty”.

Apple pays up to $200000 in bug bounty just like other tech giants like Google, Facebook etc. The interesting trend is that the teenagers are really good at bagging bug bounties even in competitions. We have heard a lot of news about teenagers spotting out bugs and even jailbreaking iPhone 7 which Apple never imagined possible.

The upcoming generation is definitely going to be at a peak in security management and white hacking methodologies.

Source: Apple

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