Artificial Intelligence is getting cheaper and efficient

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, but the real-world applications are nowhere near to small businesses. There are massive efforts being put by artificial intelligence companies worldwide to make it more efficient and available to the general public. In fact, the results are coming out positively helping a good number of small businesses around the world.

Machine Learning

The concept of machine learning and deep learning is what makes most of the artificial intelligence we know these days. Consistently training a machine learning model with high-quality data is the key to develop an intelligent system which could solve a billion problem.

As a small businessman, imagine hiring developers and spending thousands of dollars into developing a system that could potentially detect pets in a photo. It could be anything, from detecting pets to classifying NSFW content in your platform, everything needs massive efforts, planning, resources and money to figure out a correct and working solution.

But as a small businessman, can you get it for way cheaper?

API Driven

The application program interface (API) is a gold mine solution making every single software solution as cheap as pennies. Imagine someone taking care of your pet identification requirement and solving it for a piece rate (charging per image classification). It becomes way cheaper and solves the problem with much more quality.

The working is pretty simple and it helps both the team.

When a company offers you an AI solution like pet detection in a photo, the company is offering it for a cheaper price because they already have a solution and can add multiple clients to it (pretty basic economics). At the same time, when you’re getting a solution, their machine learning model is using your pet photos to train their model to do better.

It’s an absolute win-win game and it only works with API (Application Program Interface).


Artificial intelligence is the future, running a business with lots of human resources is the old way of doing it, but running it with maximum efficiency is when machine learning and artificial intelligence come into play. The methods of machine learning can be implemented with API driven solutions available in the market today. It’s 100x cheaper than developing an in-house solution that needs more investment in servicing than developing.

If you’re running a small business and if you’re looking forward to implementing machine learning to improve efficiency, then API driven solutions are the most efficient method of approaching it. It’s affordable, safe and cost-effective because this is an absolute win-win game.

In 5 years’ time, API driven solutions will rule the marketplace thereby giving machine learning access to millions of small businesses around the globe.