Artificial Intelligence Will Be Used To Help Make Your Next Perfume

AI has taken over the world, and we mean literally. The technology is getting into every industry and is changing the rules of the game. Getting things done fast, and without the need for human labor seems to be the name of the game, and it also looks like it is getting things right too.

Well, AI just walked into the next industry very recently and that is the perfume industry. IBM Research has partnered up with Symrise, one of the top producers of flavors and fragrances to create a perfume-concocting AI. this new technology is being called as Philyra, which is after the Greek goddess of fragrance. This technology uses machine learning to sift various ingredients and formulas and analyzes industry trends to derive what IBM considers as unique combinations.

Fast Yet Unique

Perfumers, watch out! A new kid is on the block, and this kid likes to get things fast! Philyra looks at thousands of formulas and raw materials to identify patterns and new combinations. And when new combinations are found, there is always a gap in the market, and Philyra helps fill this gap. But this new technology not only finds and fills the gap, but also finds alternative raw materials, and also manages to find out human usage patterns and how humans tend to respond to these smells before comparing it with already existing fragrances.

And Philyra has already got to work! This new technology is set to launch two new perfumes next year for the Brazilian brand O Boticario. Both of these new fragrances had a human touch, though. They were tweaked by a master perfumer to make certain that these fragrances stuck to the skin long enough.

World of Possibilities

But IBM is not reserving this technology to merely make perfumes. The company also has plans to use this technology, that can shift through ingredients to create a new combination to be used in the fields of flavors, cosmetic adhesives, lubricants and also construction materials. Why? Well, these industries need a lot of labor. Not just for buildings these things, but also for figuring out the right combination.

Now that takes up a lot of time, resource and also effort. If a simple algorithm can figure this out, then why take all the effort? Companies are right to think this, and IBM likes that thinking. IBM is advertising quoting these advantages, and we figure it won’t be long until this technology is used almost everywhere.

But Symrise is not yet through with this technology. The company now plans to distribute this technology to master perfumers around the world, and also to its Perfumery School where students will be trained to use this program, and also how to think like this technology, so that both machine and man can work together.