Google AI

Assistant is replacing Google’s old school voice search

Google assistant is playing a big role in everything that Google releases these days, but forgetting the old voice search isn’t really a good thing to do. Well, removing it is the right choice because of “Google assistant’s” capabilities compared to what voice search can do, but forgetting is hard.

It could be a simple logo replacement for a normal user, whereas a complete technological upgrade for a techy, but it’s an absolute emotion for someone who is devoted to the evolution of technology. The voice search did solve a lot of problems and it worked as the testing phase of assistants and voice controls. When the voice search was present, Google could really track the size of the impact made by these features. When they saw the potential, they decided to invest huge which turned out to be Google Assistant.

9-5Google reports few changes on the upcoming software versions where the older voice icon is being replaced by the most brilliant voice assistant of all time – Google assistant! Now, users can enjoy the functionalities of Google assistant with more better insights and results compared to the older voice search.