Automation industry is slowly troubling job security

Almost a decade back, when you say “auto” it indirectly means automotive or automatic, but today it’s probably automation. The word automation is everywhere, in fact, the use case has already dominated most of the fortune 500 companies.

The concept of automation is pretty simple and straight forward, it is to find a job that robots can do and then “actually train them to do it”. Assume that you’re “customer happiness executive” and your job is to communicate the right things with your customers and answer them whenever they ask you a valid question.

Today, you can automate it within seconds. How?


Robots don’t mean they are actual physical objects with lots of electronics. Anything that can do a certain job is called bots nowadays. You can completely build a software bot or a physical electronic one (it totally depends on your requirements).

Especially if you’re a customer happiness executive, there is a very high chance that your job is under tremendous risk.

The bots designed with machine learning and deep learning nowadays are very highly talented to do a certain task with a very high chance of success. It can do a lot that humans could do and vise verse. The advantage of deploying a bot rather than human has a lot of advantages from the companies perspective.

Let’s assume that the bot is not very intelligent, but has the ability to just simply answer a certain set of questions that fall under a certain set of keywords. Also, the bot can manage to trigger actions like sending a message to the customer with requested data.

From the companies perspective, such a bot can do a lot compared to what humans can do with “time”. The biggest advantage of bots is that it doesn’t care whether it’s 10 users or 100 million customers, it can handle anything all alone which for sure humans can never imagine.

Also, in the current marketplace, building such a bot is definitely cheap. You can quickly build a bot in a few hours and it looks like most of the A.I companies are building bots to solve customer happiness problems.



This might sound a little bit more technical, but this method is actually changing the world right now. API stands for application programming interface which lets you connect two applications to do a certain task. You can connect two, three or even 100 applications or more with the help of their API.

The possibilities are endless and it’s already solving a million problems in the real world.

To get a clear picture, you can integrate your bot with Google Sheets to log the information of your customers and then connect the data and create a todo list with things to do tomorrow. You can customize it, code it and make it the way you want it, within a matter of minutes.

Job Security

Your job security depends on your skillsets and your level of consciousness. Automation is not here to take your job, the real good motive of automation inside the companies should be to automate day to day time taking tasks and then keep their “human” talents doing the things that robots can never do.

Well, with all these technologies like machine learning, deep learning, genetic algorithms, and programming languages, robots can do a lot that even the human can never imagine to do, but there are lots of things that robots cannot do.

For instance, robots cannot go design the next iPhone (well, they can do it now, but the human touch is always the core value in the equation). There’s a lot that only humans can do and one day the robots will find a way to overcome that challenge until then every one of us has our own breathing time.

The best and the worst part is that they are fast, and they can learn fast. So it’s time to stay aware and be conscious enough to outrank your colleague robot.