Bikes and Scooters are now available inside your Uber app

Open your uber application and see if you’re lucky enough to get a scooter or a jump bike and also make sure you’re somewhere around Atlanta or Saint Diego. Yes, the company is adding Lime scooters and Jump bikes to the application so that users can now travel without having a take their car.

Uber purchased the San Francisco bike sharing service called Jump almost a year ago and now they’ve integrated the service into the Uber application currently testing at particular localities. It’s pretty unclear when and where the services will be widely available, but the fact that they launched such a feature is definitely interesting.

Uber’s Head of New Mobility Platform Billy Guernier said:

“We are putting new mobility front and center in the Uber app. Starting in Atlanta and San Diego riders opening Uber’s app will now see the nearby JUMP bikes and scooters as well as Lime scooters on the home rides screen, making it easier than ever for them to choose a new mobility option. The more transportation modes people have at their fingertips, the easier it becomes to get around without owning a car.”

Source: Engadget