Boeing flying taxi just finished it’s first official ride

The electric vehicle generation could be something very normal these days, but today’s news isn’t normal by any means. Boeing completed the first fully autonomous flight with utmost precision.

This is definitely a leap forward to change the face of transportation in the next generation. Imagine, traveling inside a Boeing air taxi which is fully electric and autonomous in nature to skip the traffic to be on time at the board meeting. Yes, it’s going to be costly in the beginning, but the cost will go down gradually depending on how well people get used to it. Safety factors and reliability is also an important factor.

Government is happy about the news, but not very much into implementing such technology right away. Regulations needs re-work and practical implementation, which is still a long way ahead. The best part is that it works, and the test flight is successful. Factors like making the flight accessible to people with proper takeoff and landing, sound management, weight handling, safety etc still deserves a debate.

Apart from “urban mobility” the company is also thinking about commercialising the flight as a cargo which will change the way good transportation works within the city bound. With a peak range of 50 miles, the drone model Boeing flight could change everything within 10 years time span.

Source: Bloomberg