Cheaper A.I with Machine Learning as a Service

Artificial intelligence enthusiasts can never forget the beauty of machine learning and deep learning: these technologies have changed the way intelligent services are implemented in business these days. Although it’s an unacceptable fact that jobs are being hunted down by artificial intelligence machine learning and deep learning, technology will keep changing human lives, in a positive or negative way.

It is estimated that A.I will create millions of jobs for the future generation. In our current scenario, a lot of businesses still lack technology innovation, but it doesn’t have to be an MNC. Any company can get started with machine learning and deep learning solutions to make the business go high.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a wonderful invention which is now enabling millions of small business and large business to implement artificially intelligent solutions to run their business more efficiently. The concept is pretty simple and straightforward.

To put it simply, machine learning is the procedure of making an algorithm or a machine to learn from data. Humans need experiences and practice to learn and adapt to something, the same way machines can identify something if you keep showing similar things.

It’s a vast topic and you’ll need pretty good knowledge in statistics and probability with some higher-end programming knowledge to get into it deeper and deeper. In other words, machine learning and deep learning are the two procedures currently implemented in artificial intelligent solutions.


Let’s say you’re running a second-hand mobile flipping agency. Your company will be receiving 1000’s of mobile flipping requests every day from your website with IMEI number, model details, model year and a photo of the device.

You might already have an algorithm predicting a price point based on the factors listed above, but the cracks on a screen might be a hard thing to find. You can always hire a team of people to find cracks in photos of the uploaded mobile phones, but that will be an expensive choice.

Solutions such as machine learning can be implemented here in two ways:

  1. You can invest thousands of dollars in building and training a machine learning model with the help of machine learning engineers. The cost, quality and time will vary depending on the expertise and complexity of the model.
  2. You can use a similar machine learning model which is being created by some machine learning team and you’ll be paying per image classification.

The difference is huge. If you hire a team of people to manually detect the cracks on-screen by looking at each and every photo, the amount of time it takes is huge. At the same time, if the machine learning algorithm is taking care of it, you’ll get 1000x faster result with 100x cheaper pricing.

That’s how machine learning is changing the technology world right now.


Machine learning and deep learning API are the primary reason why artificial intelligence is getting cheaper and cheaper. Application process interface (API) is being widely used in several small businesses and large businesses as well to reduce cost and time.

Let’s assume that it will take around $25,000 minimum to build a machine learning model that could find out cracks on mobile phones, whereas it will barely take $0.01 to figure out the same with API. If you’ve a bulk load of mobiles to scan, the price will go cheaper and cheaper, because that’s how the market works.

If you’re running a small business or medium-sized agency, it’s high time you implement artificially intelligent solutions to run your business more efficiently. It doesn’t mean that you’ve to fire every other employee and keep robots instead, it simply doesn’t work that way. You have to make it more efficient and you have the best tools in the world to do that.

Explore the APIs, see what works for you, implement, experiment and finally, deploy. They call it Machine Learning As a Service (MLaaS)