Cloud computing isn’t really as complex as it sounds

Cloud computing isn’t really a new bet on the market. It’s getting really popular these days within the mainstream crowd and the reason behind its popularity is pretty obvious. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, of course, these giants are ruling the market with all your data with services and hardware developed by brilliant engineers working in these companies.

But they do have,


Keeping Apple Inc, out of the game, all of the other giants has its own cloud computing service. Google has Google Cloud, Amazon has a famous AWS and Microsoft has one of the most popular Azure. Well, each of them has their own specialties, weakness and interesting stories to tell, but the fact that all these companies are investing a huge amount of money and resources into cloud computing is nothing but the truth.

Apple is not a hardware company or an electronics company anymore, they are trying to achieve the digital service market with its products like Apple Music, Apple TV+, etc. Apple won’t be able to stand the market competition without putting their hands into the digital service market.

Because Apple iCloud is running on Google Cloud.

Microsoft recently joined the $1 trillion club with the help of Azure which is still generating a ton of revenue for the company. Amazon and Microsoft are enjoying a big pie in the market, while Google Cloud is slowly eating a small piece of the pie.


Cloud computing in layman’s language is nothing but providing computational solutions for business on a large scale or small scale. Companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have big data centers and they have designed complex yet powerful platforms for developers where they can use the servers in the data centers and deploy their software or a script.

Because these data centers are run by giants, the chance of getting trouble with the server or downtime is super rare. Security will be high and complex operations and high computational programs can be run without worrying about resources (but, of course, you gotta worry about the funds).

Rather than charging per month or per year like all other server companies out there, these giants charge depending on the resource usage. The amount might seem expensive, but it’s absolutely worth considering the quality.

In fact, they provide the best in class solution which no one can provide. If you try and make it yourself, it could cost a fortune.


Cloud computing has helped millions of developers and companies to deploy their projects without worrying about computational power, backups or storage spaces. These are like “make your own burger” kinda stuff, you get to make your own server at a cost.

The best part is that the brilliant engineers and top-class business developers working in these companies are finding out massive challenging problems and solving them with the help of their platform. In fact, most of them have a powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence development support which is very important for applications and websites launching these days.

So, Cloud Computing

It’s not something you should worry about, but it’s definitely something you should give a try inside your company or by deploying your application. They save a lot of time and money with interesting automation solutions and helps you run the company more efficiently with a tension-free server.

It’s simply the future and they strongly put a reason for all the existing giants to play around the market eating all the pie for long. No other companies can easily come into this market and beat them without having to take a huge heap of funds. The good thing is that these companies are consistently innovating in cloud computing and that sounds really good for the future of business development and efficiency.

Well, the bottom line idea is that you need to keep an idea about cloud computing in your mind. Because that’s what you use every day, and that’s what you’ll see in your office. Essentially cloud computing is changing the world with lots of speed that a normal human being couldn’t imagine. Stay curious, stay buckled, that’s all you can do!