Control your LG SmartThinQ devices with Google Home & Alexa

Last February at CES 2018, LG announced their Smart ThinQ technology which is powered by artificial intelligence and Internet of things. LG has a very wide view about innovating smart solutions with the daily use appliances like your refrigerator, microwave oven and plenty of other options to choose.

LG has integrated Smart ThinQ technology with almost all of their new appliances which makes them smart enough to obey the orders and giving the capability for the users to control these appliances with voice commands.

Voice commands

LG smart Thinq


Recently LG announced that their Smart ThinQ devices are now compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which means that you can control these appliances with the help of Google Home or Alexa with just a voice command.

Well, some of the things which you could do is great, for example your smart refrigerator has the ability to understand whether a product is nearing expiry or not, even it has the ability to understand the products inside the refrigerator and might come up with a recipe plan for your dinner.

The best thing about Smart ThinQ technology is that you can manage voice commands and make these appliances work together in such a way that your oven is preheated when you’re interested in making the suggested recipe by the refrigerator.

Your washing machine could be paired with your dryer and it might work like a single machine (with a wireless connectivity). There are plenty other options and integrations which you can do together with Smart ThinQ powered appliances, which are manufactured solely by LG.


LG smart Thinq


Internet of things and artificial intelligence is getting married very soon, most of the companies like LG are already using these technologies and making things happen together.

It’s very much pleasing to know that all these upcoming intelligent devices are becoming compatible with the products like Google Home and Amazon Echo. When brands like LG comes up with such a news, the consumers feel better and more empowered when they come to know that they can do a lot more with their voice assistants.

Interesting enough and easy to control. Let’s wait for more.