Danger of keeping the same password everywhere

It’s easier to remember one password (or maximum two). But it’s definitely complicated to keep different passwords for different platforms. Well, there are password management applications to save your passwords, but keeping more than two passwords isn’t a common practice.

That’s when the risk arises.


Google, Facebook and almost every single giants you could imagine have got hacked at least once. A data breach isn’t a story anymore, it’s the present. A lot of brilliant hackers are using their talents for the bad by attacking the servers of large companies in order to hack passwords and personal information.

Just go deep into your memory and see how many times you’ve used your Gmail password on other platforms? I bet! It’s a lot.

Okay, so Gmail got hacked once in 2014 leaking more than 5 million passwords, and there is a chance that yours is also included. Now, the hacker doesn’t have to travel a lot of distance to see how many platforms you’ve signed up for and guessing the password is nothing but a piece of cake.


Protection is simple but complex to remember. The only option to protect yourself is to keep your passwords complex and diverse in different platforms. Keep more than 5 passwords and make them complex. Keep an accessible software or application to save your passwords and access them anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Don’t log in from unknown devices unless necessary, most importantly don’t connect to free wifi connections unless you trust them. Free WiFi’s are one of the major attacking zones where they not only get access to your files but also the camera and call logs as well. They literally get the control of your phone.


Well, the security infrastructure and the investment has gone into building a safe platform by Google and other giants are sound enough. They’re improving and investing billions of dollars into making the internet more secure and hack free. But the fact that “hack-free” culture doesn’t exist is also alarming.

All you can avoid is exposure and making it very easy for hackers to find out. Don’t let them make a fair guess, you can never imagine the kind of software and algorithms they use to make 1 million guesses in 1 minute.

It looks like most advanced technologies are utilized by hackers for both good and bad purposes. All we can do is making our personal information more private by choosing trusted platforms with a complex password (wink, wink).