Digital wellbeing and effective time management

Digital well being is nothing new. Giants like Google and Apple have taken the most important decision of implementing digital well being solutions to their android and iOS devices in order to maintain a balance in the society.

The fact that a good majority of human beings are attached to their mobile device is nothing but a reality. Hence, developing and nurturing human skills can only be handled if the global average of device usage is controlled to a safer point. The statistics might look wonderful, but the fact that a good majority of the android or iOS users are not worried about their screen time is also disturbing.


Governments around the globe have planned and have asked the giants to take action in order to help users control their overuse of devices. Some governments have banned particular apps like TikTok and PubG game due to various other reasons.

Games and apps like PubG and TikTok have increased the screentime of youngsters like anything. The skyrocketing of such screentime is undoubtedly leading the youngsters to a point where they might get too much addicted to it.

Effective time management is never a question when the addiction level or screentime gets too high (unless and until you’re spending your time on screen doing actual work).


Maintaining productivity is a Himalayan task for a good majority of the youngsters while their screentime is getting higher and higher. Learning new things on YouTube and trying out a business on Facebook is way productive than watching a series on Netflix or stalking on Facebook.

It doesn’t mean that everything you do on Facebook is unproductive, the objective is to balance productivity with your life so that the quality of life gets better with optimal usage of internet-powered devices.


The growth of society and a country depends on its youth. We cannot expect all the youths to do well when they’re spending time on their phone scrolling through feeds. To grow and to maintain growth, methodologies of digital well being should be implemented by warning the users about the excessive use of screen time and limiting them from using a service more than a recommended time span. Effective time management strategies should be educated to the power productivity of individuals.

This ain’t rocket science, but the rocket has already took off pretty well with the support of tech giants. Let’s wait and watch how the youth is going to innovate and build what’s necessary for a nation.