DJI Drones will now alert pilots about helicopters and airplanes nearby

DJI, one of the most famous drone brand has come up with a brilliant safety update for its upcoming drones. Drones are really taking off with a straight growth in the graph with consistent safety feature updates and pilot controls that could potentially put the drone and the atmosphere in safe mode.

DJI drones have multiple features like Geofencing, Return to home which brings the drone back to take off point if something goes wrong, and also some interesting safety features like the new DJI AirSense. All the DJI upcoming drones that weigh more than 250grams will have AirSense built in with ADS-B Technology.

ADS-B technology is likely to be in all the helicopters, airplanes and even traditional airplanes by 2020. Most of the helicopters and airplanes are already equipped with this technology. The ADS-B system keeps a field around the plane which communicates with other ADS-B channels to ensure safety.

When the new DJI drones are flying, they’ll now share an ADS-B field which will keep looking for other ADS-B signals. When a signal happens to be spotted by DJI drones, they alert the pilot regarding the issue and the pilot gets enough time to land the drone. This is a very important step to ensure safety when pilots are flying their drones without limitations.