Do we really need an office to make work happen?

The pandemic changed the way we see work. The culture of working from home inevitably spread across the world. Businesses was forced to implement work from home protocol to keep their employees alive. Digital business saw a boom while the offline businesses saw an absolutely broken graph. Now, when the pandemic has slowed down a bit and things started moving, let’s analyse the need of an office to make work happen.


Well, the pandemic wasn’t so comfortable for businesses out there, but some of the companies leveraged it well. Especially in the field of information technology, switching from office work to work from home for their employees wasn’t a big thing. They can literally take their laptop home and continue the things they used to do. Video conferencing apps and a various other team management tools helped them adapt the work from home culture like a walk in the park.

But not everybody likes it, especially when you’ve kids at home.


Productivity is definitely a concern when it comes to work from home a.k.a your comfort zone. Some of the questions that put productivity into concern is the least team engagement possibilities in work from home culture and absence of an office culture which keeps on pushing an employee to do more.

Productivity at home is still a debate. Some of the major publishers like Forbes mentioned the quick productivity at work from home was panic productivity which is only visible in the early stages.

We think it completely depends on the nature of work and the need of a team or an office space which is subjective to each individual’s nature of work and work habits. Although, this might not affect the companies total productivity as the HR department is always tracking employee productivity at times.

Long Term

Working from home in the long run might be a game changer in the way we work. The sudden increase of freelancers and remote jobs has already inspired millions of employees to switch to their comfort zones.

Long term results of whether businesses will switch to normal work from office mode or work from home mode is still a question which will be answered in the near future. But looking at it now, the situation looks like an hybrid mode wherein businesses are trying to blend work from home and work from office which will make the employees more comfortable.

At the end of the day, only a win-win for both businesses and employees could work. So far, that will help the world innovate the way we work. So it’s basically a yes and no when it comes to the need of an office. It looks to be required, but the real questions whether employees are required to be at the office which we will see in a few years time.