European political ad-buyers have to provide verification ID’s

Even before the privacy issue happened, Facebook had announced that they would publish the ad budget details publically to showcase the political ad campaigns which happened on Facebook.

Though it didn’t happen, something scarier happened to Facebook and they’re still getting out of the pain. The best part of the privacy attack was that the governments in America and the European Union took the issue seriously to bring more regulations or control over the user’s data collected by web companies.


Political parties and the members of the party has claimed to give their soul and efforts for the people. In the case, with all legality, the public has the right to know the political party spendings on advertisements and the target.

Well, that’s what’s going to happen soon.

Google now demands ID proof verification for political ad-buyers in order to verify the authenticity of the ad and target. This is Google’s effort to avoid foreign disinformation problems like Cambridge Analytica issue.

Facebook has also come up with something similar and it’s pretty obvious that they would bring the best algorithm on the planet to make sure that they don’t get into trouble this time.


Google will also publish an EU-specific Election Ads Transparency report which gives more clarity and the access to the public to what exactly is being done with the political ads.

The good news is that the public can also access the report to see the audience targeting which is a highlight. Especially in Cambridge analytica issue, there were lots of controversies about audience targeting and psychologically attacking users via Facebook with fake news.

Anyway, the story is getting better, but the climax is far away. At least we could expect some more privacy or transparency for the time being.

Source : Google

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