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Getting inside the next generation of digital office space

The whole concept of office space is changing. Huge interactive office spaces with play areas, gaming zones and creative spaces aren’t really offices anymore. The essence of an office has changed completely due to the pandemic. Optimistic experts are looking forward to vaccines and getting back to normal.

But entrepreneurs who understood the burning challenge are taking this opportunity to build the new normal.


The battle between getting back to normal vs new normal is gaining insights. While giants like Facebook and Google have asked their team to work from home until 2021, these giants are also building the future of office spaces.

The battle has started, virtual office startups are becoming more attractive than anything else out there. The ability of a company to efficiently work from home has become a question of approach, resilience, and scalability. Interestingly, a lot of small business and medium-large business have adapted the work from home culture without much of a challenge.


Facebook Reality Labs has launched a new project called “Infinite Office” which is an add-on to the Oculus Quest. Virtual reality and augmented reality have become one of the most interesting and futuristic approaches to experience entertainment and work. Oculus is building the virtual office powered by a virtual reality where you can interact with your team without seeing the clutter at your house.

The project is expected to show output in the form of productivity, virtual office culture and maybe some health issues as well. Health concerns raised by VR users isn’t small, but fortunately, a large group of users is finding it comfortable, but minority also exist.


The future of office space is definitely a question. When Facebook is focusing on building virtual offices for the future, Amazon is building physical offices with pandemic proof systems. Meanwhile, active competition is going on to find the best vaccine to tackle the pandemic. Interestingly, when pandemics and epidemics hit the world in the past, business recovered and went back to “normal”. But today, we have the technology and everything is different from an accessibility perspective, so the equation might take a turn to fit for the best.

Let’s expect the best!