Google Drive mobile application to get a design refresh

Google is completely into changing the designs of their web platforms and mobile applications since the last Google I/O. Interestingly beautiful user interface and experience with artificial intelligence powered machine learning models is nothing but Google’s favorite bid since the recent times.



The material design adapted in Google’s favorite Gmail application which is about to have its birthday on the coming April 1st 2019 already got a design refresh very recently. The application has become so good in terms of mobile interface and experience as well. Google has a beautiful history of redesigning applications or interfaces without disturbing the users mental shift.

Hats off to their UX designers because most of the famous applications like Facebook or Instagram showcases a weird interface change and people get to used to it later, but Google always makes sure that they launch the most beautiful cookie that stands with all the chocolate chips required.

The new design is rolling out to the smartphones both iOS and Android, keep checking your drive. Finally it’s time for Google fans to stay refreshed with a beautiful new material design from Google Drive.

Source : Google

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