Google home bluetooth

Google Home becoming friendly with other bluetooth speakers

Voice assistants are trending like cupcakes these days. They are doing a very good job at handling day today activities of people around the globe. Companies like Amazon, Google and Apple is seriously working hard on building voice assistants and making them better day by day.

You can keep a Google Home or Amazon Alexa somewhere around the room and control your smart home (which are powered by IOT) and even get to know what’s happening in the world and around you with a voice command.

Each and every company is working hard on building a better voice assistant which is smart, efficient and understanding enough to serve human beings in the most intelligent way possible. It’s really happening and the voice assistants are selling like cupcakes.

Google Home

Google home bluetooth


Google home is one of the best voice assistants available out there in the market right now. Google home supports a lot of third party devices and can handle a bunch of commands in the most efficient way.

The best thing about Google assistant is that it has the ability to learn and understand the users commands and even helps you get a conversation going with the virtual voice assistant.

It has all the major features and control the things you’ve in room, but now they’ve announced that Google home is coming up with the ability to connect with other bluetooth speakers and to play with them (like dancing together).


Google home bluetooth


The process is going to be simple, just connect the bluetooth speaker with the help of Google’s app and you’re good to go. Google home mini or Google home or the max version would be able to handle a third party bluetooth speaker which is being connected.

Google home can play music with the bluetooth speakers thereby improving the sound quality and surround effect with the help of this connectivity feature. This feature is really going to help the music lovers play their favorite tracks out loud with a command.

The track will be played with Google home and the other friendly bluetooth speakers which is located around Google home. That’s an interesting friendship indeed, and it only gets better. Google home is coming up with beautiful updates filled with lots of interesting features to help improve user experience.

We also heard that they are coming up with a real human like voice output to improve the communication experience and to give a life to these devices.