Google is testing global video controls on Chrome

Google is consistently developing the chrome browser from multiple angles. The canary build which is fully dedicated to testing new features has now showcased an interesting feature which makes it easier for users to avoid annoying background video. Suppose if you’re using 10 tabs and one of them is playing a video in the background, it gets really confusing and distracting to find the table and pause the video.

Now, in the Canary build, Google is testing a new feature which lets you access video controls just near to the bookmarks bar. It looks similar to a Google Chrome extension,  but it’s actually an inbuilt feature which will provide controls to the users to play/ pause or forward a video without going to the video tab. Global control is crafted near the bookmarks bar to give easy access to the user. It’s pretty unclear whether Google is going forward with this feature, or maybe they could add this as an optional feature, but hopefully soon.

Source: Engadget