Google Plus is leaving the planet by April 2nd

Nothing special, because nobody gave any serious importance to Google plus and that’s exactly why it’s leaving us without a mark behind. The first thing that comes to most of the social media users when they hear this news is “Orkut”.

Well, Orkut explained to us what social network is, and Facebook took advantages of it. Now, Google tried to implement a new social network which never worked and then again Facebook gained more users who are confused and irritated by Google plus.


Today the official announcement is here and that fact that Google plus is leaving all of us by April 2nd, 2019 isn’t really that sad. The date is very clear on all of their emails stating about the closure of Google plus, “the least used social network”.

Google plus did compromise 50million users data on the last breach which one of the most important reasons why Google is taking such a decision. Sounds like Google plus is trying to be the obedient boy in the market place, provided that all the users know that he’s useless.

This doesn’t mean all the products released by Google has compromised users data or is useless. To be more precise, Gmail is celebrating it’s 15th birthday by this April 1st (no, that’s not an April fool).

It’s good to delete things when they don’t work well as expected, that’s just another doorway to introduce something more that makes sense. More news might show up about Hangouts, Allo and Duo! Stay tuned.