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Google released a Chrome extension to check your password

Google released a new password checkup extension for chrome users officially to help confirm whether your password had been compromised in data breaches. Imagine, Google chrome alerting you to change the username and password when it figures out that you’re using a password which is already breached.

The company confirms that the extension compares your credentials with approximately 4 billion breached credentials with a high-security algorithm. The extension is claimed to be secure enough to protect your collected password and the data is just compared and not stored for another breach.


The extension is being released by Google officially on the chrome market place followed by a blog post in Google. Don’t worry, the extension is not meant to irritate you at times when you type a weak password, the only motive is to check whether the password you typed is being breached.

It’s interesting to see that Google is taking important steps to avoid multiple breaches with their intelligent and secure algorithms. The internet is becoming a really bad place to stay protected, so extensions like these could really make a big impact.