GTA Online cheat developer to pay $150,000 in damages

10 years back GTA versions was equipped with a list of cheatcodes that used to work like a charm. It’s obvious that every player has once asked this question to themselves.

Does the game development company shares the cheats”?

The fact is no (mostly no), because the game developers want you to win the game without cheats, but there are brilliant hackers and people who made cracks for games and softwares who are professional in making cheatcodes and similar softwares.

Time has passed, internet is going places and almost everything is connected (even your tubelight is connected). Data intelligence and analysis is avoiding a lot of loop holes and culprits at the same time.

Recently, the court ordered Florida resident Jhonny Perez to pay $150,000 in fine and attorney charges which comes around $60k for developing and distributing a cheat to the GTA online version that lets users have unlimited cash inside the game.

We know that fact that a lot of game companies became multi million dollar companies by selling coins, cash and even guns inside the application with an “In-app purchase model”. Cracks like these are actually trashing these business models. Even though Perez took down Elusive (the cheating tool) in 2018 and guaranteed to pay all the money earned to charity. Few months later, there was no transaction proof and the court has to take the order to charge him for developing a cheating tool and for making damages to the company.

It looks like the age of cracks and cheat codes are dying. The most interesting fact that most adults are paying money to play a game and in-app purchases is making way to a huge gaming industry.

Source : Engadget

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