How about 3D Printing skin and bones for injuries in space

3D printing technology is one of the hottest technology ever to be discussed by the media. Now, the media is enjoying a new innovation which is slowly emerging with the help of 3D printing. Recently, scientists 3D printed a heart which is fully functional in nature with blood vessels. In fact, companies are building houses on earth as well as in space with 3D printing technology.

How about 3D printing skin or a bone? Well, it might not sound like fancy when you see a biological heart being printed with 3D printing technology. But, the practical use of printing a biological skin or a bone with a 3D printer is way beyond imagination. The technology is primarily designed to support the Mars crew who might reach the planet after long years.

The technology will help the Mars crew to print a biological skin or a bone to handle a minor surgery or skin related wear and tear with efficient and minimal efforts. It takes more time to heal something in space, also a proper infrastructure should be developed inside the craft to handle the operation theater or something similar.

Well, the technology is just in the initial stage and the samples look promising enough to hit mars in a few years time. The practical use cases and the impact it could bring is totally out of the world.

Source: ESA