How to download all your Google data in a single click

Data privacy and sea levels are two major rising concerns among people around the globe. Even though sea-level rise cannot be easily controlled just like the data privacy issues we face on sites like Google and Facebook, but we can still download our own data and see what’s going on.

Not exactly, but we can still see what do they hold.

Take Out

Google has its own platform where you can go see what all Google products are being used from your account and the respective data they hold including your profile picture file. As you can guess, the size of the data will be huge without a doubt depending on the interaction between your Google account and you.

But it’s pretty satisfying to see that there is an option to download the data online, special thanks for GDPR policies.

Google Takeout – Go here

You can go to the above link and download your Google data without much of a hassle. The procedure is super easy and you can even store the same data on Google Drive itself (you see the irony don’t you).

So next time, stay positive that even though there is a privacy problem in place, you get to access your data and see what’s going on anytime, anywhere. Well, this doesn’t solve the privacy issues altogether, but it solves tiny bits of problems solving bigger problems over a long period of time.

So, go get your data now!