Impressive Future of Brain Reading Technology

Imagine creating a spreadsheet to understand your monthly spending (a bit of a task, isn’t it?). Now, imagine a spreadsheet being automatically created in front of your eyes, fully automatic with the numbers you think.

Yes, brain-reading technology is just that. It doesn’t stop at creating spreadsheets, in fact, the spreadsheet thing I mentioned isn’t really practical yet, because we have larger problems to solve compared to the smaller bits of tasks. Brain reading technology is pretty sci-fi right now, but when people like Elon Musk put their money and time into it, you know somethings cooking.


Our brain is massive, it has a very complex set of neurons to communicate and make us take actions instantly. The human brain is something that scientists are putting lots of time and money into. Understanding the human brain at its entirety brings a lot of opportunities to explore in science and technology.

Well, companies like Neuralink (founded by Elon Musk) is coming up with interesting technology prototypes to showcase various achievements in brain reading technology. In a recent event, Elon Musk showcased one of their product which is a prototype that can read the brain activities in real time.


Well, brain reading can solve a lot of problems depending on how its executed, the company Neuralink is expected to solve health related issues like depression, anxiety etc with the power of their tiny product called “Link” which can read brain signals with pretty good accuracy.

In the demo, they showcased a pig walking on a treadmill, where they predict the limb movements almost precisely close to the original movement with the help of their product “Link”. In fact, Elon Musk himself told the crowd that the objective of showcasing an event in 2020 is to attract more talents to work with Neuralink rather than fund raising or product launching.

Early Bird

Well, the early birds are trying to build intense and complex systems to read and execute commands on the brain so that the future will be massively exciting. It’s not an easy task and we are nowhere near a good prototype that explains its practical use case.

The practical option is to bring together talents around the world to work on building the most advanced technologies to read, understand and execute activities at brain level so that in the future, we become more powerful, faster and more productive.

Let’s wait for a wonderful new technologically powered world.