Innovative Startups are trying to sell productivity and time

Productivity is one of the most overused word ever in the information technology industry. If you don’t use a calendar to schedule your work, you’re considered an unproductive person even though you might be productive than the rest of the world. The market perspective is volatile, and startups are working super hard on developing solutions that could potentially help a business stay productive and time-efficient.


No matter what, you gotta earn your bread. You might have a lousy job or a robotic routine, it doesn’t matter whether you’re happy or unhappy with your work, end of the day you gotta bring the bread home.

The question is not whether or not you could bring it home (obviously you can), but the real question is how and how efficiently you can bring it home with a pinch of happiness into the equation.

Passionate workers are all around the corner, some make good revenue and solve bigger problems, some just stay broke. Innovation is always available for both of them. Especially any work that you could do in these generations has some kind of information technology attached to it.

Thankfully, the startups are making it more efficient, productive and time saving, but how?


When you’re productive, that means you’re doing things that matter (which saves time). Rather than spending 3 different time schedules writing an article, you could fully focus your one hour to write a better one. Efficiency is when you get it done in an optimized manner with fewer resources.

Imagine how an electronic calendar changed the way CEO’s and even interns to do well in a company with a strict schedule in place. Nowadays, there are over 100’s of startups focusing simply on making the calendar better and efficient. People pay for using calendars these days because it helps them do well.

Email applications are becoming more smarter with artificial intelligence. They are adapting minimalism in design and experience so that you can only focus on what’s important rather than spending your valuable time figuring out a spammy email.

A single application can pool all your email accounts into one place which makes everything super smooth. A simple calculator that could save your history of calculations makes it easier to access the old stories of numbers. Don’t go behind the paper bills, there’s more application to handle your monthly bills than ever.

Your health, your mind and everything about you really contribute to the productivity metrics, thousands of applications are on the store to keep track of that in order to recommend high-quality suggestions.


It’s just a personal choice whether to use these innovative solutions or not. The one thing that every startup promises you is efficiency which is proved by the number of customers they got. What worked for them might not work for you, but there is always a solution waiting to improve your efficiency.

Missing out on such opportunities is definitely a bad idea, they might look expensive, but the investment you might make on something that works for you can never be debated. Pick wisely, all you need is productivity and time, and it’s for sale.