Internet of things is still an expensive home automation plan

IoT (Internet of things) gained very good momentum in recent years including 2019. Innovative solutions in terms of security, cloud data handling, home monitoring, and even smart padlocks. The generation is appreciating the Internet of things in a positive manner which is good.

But, fundamentally, any technology which is capable of revolutionizing the entire world like the internet of things should get cheaper and cheaper in order to penetrate into the common user market. It definitely looks like 1000’s of startups are working hard on it, but practical affordability is still a question.


When it comes to the internet of things, consumers are really concerned about the brand. Quality of light, long last solution and easy connectivity with existing solutions like Google Home or Alexa is also a major decision-maker. The Internet of things an educated audience is also concerned about the security of these solutions.

To put it simply, a new brand might look more vulnerable and low quality than Philips Hue. The trust we keep with brands definitely plays a major role in making a decision. Consumers choose high-quality brands or simply drop the automation plan.

But it’s still expensive. The quality of the product comes with a pretty fat price tag, but there’s even more.


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Surveillance camera solutions are providing storage on cloud and accessibility via mobile anywhere anytime. They provide small storage space for free, but then it becomes more expensive to store even more data depending on the package. The entire startup world is chasing behind subscriptions to increase business recurring revenue, as a part of that cloud is one of the best selling subscriptions for the internet of things services.

The subscription package is indeed a necessity to make good use of these solutions. Hence, the solution becomes more expensive.


Let’s be optimistic that 5 years down the line, the entire internet of things market and its products will be available and affordable for the general public. There are vulnerabilities and the world is not 100% ready to go fully automated when it comes to homes, but the value is something that makes things accountable.

Home automation isn’t just a luxury anymore, it’s a slowly growing industry that is aiming to put the internet is every single thing including an led bulb you’ve in your bathroom. Yes, it’s vulnerable than normal bulbs, and it’s expensive, but we can’t deny the fact that its future of home automation.

Let’s not just wait for a black Friday to buy the internet of things products, let’s wait for a time when it becomes practically affordable.