Making the “work from home” culture more productive

The methodology of work from home existed long ago, and several freelancers are making a living out of the couch working hours and hours to earn their bread. While the pandemic like the COVID-19 spreads around the world, business organizations around the world don’t have any other option rather than requesting their workers to work from home.

Well, it’s working.


Work from home is working. In fact, companies are reporting pretty good momentum even when their staffs are working from their comfort zone. There are different reasons to choose to work from home, it could be your family day, or a small event, or some other reasons like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anyway, thanks to technology. We cannot even imagine work from home back in the ’90s when technology couldn’t be carried to your house. The new-age devices like the laptop, tablets and our smartphone make everything possible and let’s not take that for granted.

In fact, the work from culture adapted due to COVID-19 will teach our population how to effectively work from home. Even though it might be unproductive to people like the CEOs who take care of several meetings in a day, the sales calling staff is happy to be on his couch with a shot of his favorite drink (wink, wink).


Productivity is a question answered differently by different people. It varies depending on a lot of factors including the children in the house, internet facilities, and most importantly your relationship with your spouse who’s also working from your home. The Chinese authorities reported a spike in the divorce rate after a countrywide lockdown and work from home spree.

Well, those family concerns and facilities are something that can be worked out (if it’s merely out of balance), but being productive takes even more effort. The advantage of office space is its own atmosphere, your subconscious gets wired with your office atmosphere, your uniform and everything from your desk. A sudden change in the atmosphere is hard to adapt to work provided that you don’t have work from home experience.

Few tricks like waking up at the same time, dressing up well and sitting on your laptop according to proper office time table at your house will make it even more productive. Especially avoid working after office time which will keep the subconscious in balance.


Technologically advanced companies are doing well in their work from home spree. Companies who adapted solutions like customer relationship management (CRMs), cloud-based data management, etc are doing well with work from home culture because their work is very slightly affected due to the pandemic.

Companies that lack certain technologies will find it hard to even communicate with their staff who are working from home. Let’s not take these technological solutions for granted even when they are literally saving lives by practically supporting social distancing.

In fact, there are quick and easy business management solutions available and those companies are doing great at this point in time. You can even request a demo because they have a strong system and staff working from home.

Bottom Line

Work from home is going to spike in the coming years, not because another pandemic is coming, but because the people around the world are experiencing something that has never happened before. Technological solutions will power their productivity and drive cost-effective methods for businesses around the globe.

The only question is whether you are productive and competent even when you’re on your sleepy couch.