Marvel comic books are now being converted into Audiobooks

Hey Marvel fan, it’s time you get an upgrade. Especially if you love listening to podcasts and audiobooks, it’s time you turn around to Apple Books, Audible or Google to listen to your favorite Marvel comic books. Yes, it’s official that Marvel is releasing audiobooks of their famous comic books including Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men and Daredevil: The Man Without Fear.

Readers of comic books clearly know the quality factor of Marvel’s work, so it’s pretty simple for Marvel to launch in fact anything including a smartphone. There are very few brands that could make this happen on the planet.  The case of Apple, Inc is a clear example, meaning millions of people are waiting for Apple to launch some product so that they could try.

Millions of people are waiting for a new interesting Netflix series, just like that Marvel has marked its spot where multi millions are waiting to try listening to the audiobook. Since very long, they clearly know how to entertain people and that’s the key performance they showcase to grab the crowd. Listen to it, from your favorite store, and enjoy your audio.

Source : Variety