Millions of Instagram users password breached – Facebook

Facebook recently announced about their password leak which happened to affect “few thousands of users”. Facebook now confirms that millions of users Instagram passwords are being compromised due to the security breach.

“We discovered additional logs of Instagram passwords being stored in a readable format”. “We now estimate that this issue impacted millions of Instagram users. We will be notifying these users as we did the others.” The company said.

It’s really annoying as a Facebook and Instagram user to read breach updates and news about hacks that makes it really scary for the users. Facebook is continuously proving that their platform is unsafe for users including children. The European Union and several regulatory plans have been tried to protect users from Facebook’s data privacy issues.

In fact, Instagram users will really get irritated by this news which really affected millions of users worldwide. Facebook has reported that the company will notify the users about the breach.

Source: TechCrunch