NASA’s interactive photobook has the beauty of Earth printed

NASA recently launched a new website called “Earth Observatory” which tells you the beauty of earth from the space. The document is actually a physical hard copy book which comes at $53 which you can buy from NASA’s website.

But, the officials at NASA is very clear about the fact that very fewer users prefer the hard copy, so they’ve made it free on the website and also a PDF or ebook version is allowed to be downloaded.

NASA’s objective is to share the abstract beauty of the earth from the perspective of “space camera’s” and the beauty cannot be put aside. The view of earth from multiple angles including water, ice and snow, and atmosphere etc, makes it so beautiful enough to keep your hook on.

The interactive website clearly states all the details about the photos including the location, the place and the beauty of it. It’s something that every earth lover has to keep in his/her desk. The natural beauty is more creative than anything handcrafted. Well, thank you, NASA!

Source: Engadget