Google Assistant

New Google Assistant is faster than opening an application

Imagine Google Assistant opening up with a quick response faster than your applications. In fact, while the Google IO Extended 19 was going on, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google mentioned that the new assistant is so fast that it’s preloaded into the device for the AI reservation service.

Last year, Google developed a product under AI called Google Duplex which is a brilliant technology that automatically calls people to make reservations with a natural voice which invoked a number of controversies. Google duplex service is now available in over 44 countries as well as a few selected non-pixel devices.

Now, Assistant can make a reservation for car rental or a movie ticket with just a few confirmations about your dates and the payments. The assistant is smart enough to fill forms on the website with the customer data. Duplex’s ability and commands are packed up in machine learning models which come around 100GB of data. Google has achieved an interestingly new space where they used deep learning to convert the 100GB data into 500MB which definitely works inside a smartphone.

Google Duplex and possibly other AI features will soon show up on Android phones as a local live response (because it runs locally). Hence improving the speed of Google AI services to an extreme point.