No more pre-installed applications in South Korean Mobiles

When you open the package, you get to see your favorite smartphone. The moment after you switch it ON, the entire phone looks cluttered with pre-installed applications. The era of pre-installed application should end, it makes the device more cluttered at the first impression, confusing for people who are new to smartphones and literally makes it irritating.

South Korea

Well, the South Korean industry has taken the decision to give access to users in order moving pre-installed application which comes with a kind of uninstallation lock. The pre-installed apps such as a promotional music player or an alternative app to the existing one etc will be at the desk to be removed.

Keeping it or removing it is your choice and the applications could be downloaded from the play store as well. This also applies to iPhone but at present, all the iPhone applications can be removed easily.

“This measure aims to rectify an abnormal practice that causes inconvenience to smartphone users and unfair competition among industry players,” said the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in a press release.

Android users are going to be at heaven, saving more data space and speed of the device by deleting unwanted applications which cluttered the entire device. Pre-installed necessities like Contacts app or default apps will not be removed because that’s the one which makes the technical device a “smartphone”. Hopefully, Europe and USA will adopt these from South Korea so that everybody could get some space.