Ordering Online, Becoming Lazy – Rising Home Deliveries

Ordering uber for work to your favorite sushi in town happens in a few minute’s time from your couch. The startups around the world are mostly focusing on delivering services to the home. It could be food, shopping, and even haircuts.

You can order an Uber to work, or your favorite dish for dinner and even a massage with just a tap of a button. Discount offers are simply making you 10x attracted to it, but the fact that online delivery solutions are fresh in the market makes it even more interesting for customers to get everything for cheap.


Why would you walk down the street more than a mile finding your favorite pizza? You could just order online with a 50% discount coupon and still get it free of delivery charges.

You get free cutlery so that’s it’s much more comfortable. You become the ultimate couch potato. The average exercise time of people around the world, especially in popular nations are going down tremendously low due to the impact of information technology. Most of the works are laptops involved these days which makes people sit for hours.

Once they reach home tired, there are apps waiting for you to make an order. You have an even chance of getting a discount for your dinner just because you’re tired (just machine learning stories).


The hardest way of doing it is to walk or run even when you’re tired. On average you need to walk at least 10,000 steps to stay active and healthy. The best thing you could do after long hours of sitting in front of the laptop is to actually walk. Walk more than 10,000 steps so that you become fit enough to maintain your days.

Walking can get you the same pizza, the same haircut that you order online, but it might get a bit expensive because you don’t get the coupons, but it’s still worth it considering the activities you gain.


The industry is rising. The online delivery solutions are gaining insane momentum and investors are really interested in every single idea that passes through their desks. The rise of online delivery solutions can never be dragged down at least for the next 5 years, so the biggest chance that you could experience is nothing but getting rid of “Couch Potato Culture”.