Russia Ready To Send Robots To International Space Station

Space travel and exploration. Though it is exciting, it is also very dangerous. Astronauts who go up to the space center or for any other expedition often bid their families goodbye as of for the last time, and then they proceed to launch. But that soon might be out of the way!

Russia has been reported to soon send humanoid robots into space to work with astronauts on the International Space Station. The Russian space agency, the Roscosmos has already approved the preliminary plan to launch these humanoid robots into space next year.

These robots and the launch are all part of Russia’s Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research, or the FEDOR program. This program which was launched in 2014 of last year was meant for only rescue work.


These android robots are capable of many multiple functions, and can also do a variety of tasks. When demonstrated in a video that was released in 2016, the robots could be seen using a saw, inserting a key to unlock a door, wielding, extinguishing a fire, and were also capable of getting into a car.

Such complex and multiple functions could be of great help to the astronauts aboard the space station. When complex and dangerous missions or projects are involved, such robots could be used, and human life could be saved from danger and risk.

These robots function through a special suit, which is used to transmit the movements of a human operator. Previously referred to as the Avatar project due to the suits, these robots are capable of being controlled from afar. These robots have been found to be so capable that they would be used not just for the Space Centre, but are also commissioned for the nation’s upcoming manned space flights.

Skilled Robots

These robots have also been upgraded and now have new other skills. They can now do push-ups, lift weights, can operate a power drill, fist-bump, and can also aim and shoot Glocks with both hands. But don’t think the robot of an Android killer. These skills have been taught to the robot so that it could be of significance to any field possible.

This android robot was long in planning, and straight from the beginning, the goal was for the robot to be used in space travel and exploration. With space travel becoming more and more dangerous, it is also risky to lose valuable astronauts. But when these capable robots can take up these risky work, it is of great benefit to space exploration.