Scientists Develop Camera That Can Capture and Measure Light

If the Google Pixel 3’s camera excited you, this would just amaze you. Caltech scientists have been working on something for a while, and they have turned up with something quite amazing. Basically, it is a camera. But the more exciting part is what kind of camera this is. It’s the kind that can capture 10,000 billion images per second. The study of light just got interested.

The study of light is something that humans have tried to master for years, with vain. 3 years before when a camera was formed that could capture one trillion images per second, it seemed like a huge feat. And it was so back then. Scientists were able to get a light rendering over a period of 20 seconds. In more simpler words, if a bullet had been fired, the rendering would have lasted over 3 years.

Light and  Studies

But with this new camera, the study of light has improved, and now proves to be very interesting in the various fields of physics, engineering, and medicine. And almost all of them strongly depend on the behavior of light. This camera combines a scanning camera with a second static camera. Researchers have also implemented a method of data collection used especially in tomography.

More To Come

And this is something that is truly amazing. If the process of how this camera was made could have been studied much deeper, then better versions of these could come very soon, thus making these studies much easier and practical to carry out.