Selfie video is all it takes to predict blood pressure

Researchers in Canada and China, University of Toronto developmental psychologist Kang Lee and his postdoctoral researcher Paul Zheng developed a technology called transdermal optical imaging (TOI). The technology could revolutionize the way doctors and hospitals used to check blood pressure.

Because our face skin is translucent, the imaging technologies within our camera could find red lights considering them as hemoglobin levels. Optical sensors in the smartphone camera are all it takes to track the hemoglobin under your skin. The technology TOI measured the blood pressure of around 1,328 adults and figured out that they achieved an accuracy of 95% comparing the measurements with a traditional blood pressure checker.

TOI can also track blood pressure levels in pre-recorded videos which opens up millions of possibilities. Researchers are conducting tests with proper privacy in place, they are sending the data to servers keeping the selfie with the participant. Researchers claim that more accuracy is required to develop the technology and the challenge is hidden in skin complexities.

Imagine something similar to Google glass in the future, it could give you everything that Google glass promised (and proved) with blood pressure analysis of someone who is standing in front of you. The future is coming!